ADT Review

For seniors who live alone, a medical alert system can offer some much-needed peace of mind. These systems allow seniors to easily contact a monitoring center in the event of an emergency. Many seniors who live alone are concerned about the risk of injury from falling, and having a wearable device that they can use to request assistance may allow them to stay in the home they love rather than move to an assisted living facility.

ADT is a well-known security device company. The name stands for American District Telegraph, and the company has been in business for over 140 years, although it didn’t begin offering medical alert devices until 2004. ADT’s medical alert device division has emergency response centers across the United States, ensuring that all clients receive the best possible service.

In this review, we discuss the cost of ADT medical alert systems, the various devices the company offers, and their pros and cons, to help seniors choose the best medical alert system for their needs.

ADT's Device Options

ADT offers three different packages: Medical Alert Basic, Medical Alert Plus and On-The-Go. The basic package is an in-home system with a base station that uses a landline for connectivity. The device features in-home temperature monitoring and comes with a waterproof alert button that can be worn as a pendant or wrist band. The base unit’s range is just 300 feet, which means only those living in smaller homes will find it useful.

The Medical Alert Plus package is an upgraded version of the basic unit that uses a cellular instead of a landline connection. This unit has twice the range of the basic unit, but otherwise has the same features. Fall detection is available on the Medical Alert Plus as an optional extra.

The On-The-Go unit is a mobile device with GPS features, allowing seniors to use it outside of the home. This unit doesn’t have the home temperature monitoring feature of the Medical Alert Plus, since it’s intended to be fully portable. Fall detection is available on this device as an optional extra.

ADT's Plans

ADT’s plans start at $29.99 a month for the basic medical alert system, with discounts available for those who pay quarterly or annually. Fall detection costs an additional $10 per month. There are no minimum contracts, and seniors can opt to pay on a month-to-month basis if they wish. Those who have other ADT products such as security alarms can receive a discount on the monthly fee for their device, and a 50% reduction in the cost of the fall detection service.

On-The-Go is ADT’s most expensive package, costing $39.99 per month plus $10 for the fall detection feature for those who pay month to month. Opting for a longer subscription can bring the cost down to $38 per month.

Extra Services Offered by ADT

ADT doesn’t offer a lot of extra features. There are no monitored smoke alarms, pill dispensers or other high-tech extras. The in-home system does come with home temperature monitoring as standard, however, which is something rarely seen in rival brands.

ADT also allows subscribers to purchase an additional pendant for a one-time fee, then add that pendant to the subscription for an extra $5 per month. This means a couple or two seniors who share a home can each have the security of a medical alert device for just one subscription fee, which can provide significant savings compared to the cost of two separate systems.

Customer Reviews of ADT

What Customers Like

Users appreciate the discounted couple’s subscription option and discounts for people who are already ADT customers. The in-home temperature monitoring is useful for families concerned that their loved ones’ living environment may be too cold or hot at certain times of the year.

The company offers automatic fall detection for a $10 monthly fee, which is standard in the industry. Existing customers can get 50% off the fall detection fee, making the company a cost-saving choice for seniors who already have an ADT home security system.

What Customers Don’t Like

The service provided by ADT is quite basic and lacks automated testing, activity monitoring and other features that are becoming commonplace from rival brands. Another issue of concern is that the company’s monitoring centers aren’t TMA Five Diamond-Certified. While certification isn’t mandatory, it’s considered the gold standard for monitoring centers and signifies that the company is committed to quality.

ADT is an established brand with a good reputation, so their choice not to register with TMA isn’t a red flag in the way a lack of registration would be for less reliable providers. However, some families prefer the extra peace of mind that comes with certification.

Who Should Consider ADT

Households that have an existing ADT security system may find the discounts the company offers brings their medical alert system cost down to a near-unbeatable level, especially if there’s more than one senior in need of a device living in the home. Those who want home temperature monitoring may also find that ADT is the best option for their needs.

ADT’s medical alert systems are affordable and high quality, making them a good choice for anyone seeking a low-cost system with no long-term contract. Those who want more features can find them with other brands, such as Medical Guardian, but can expect to pay a premium.