Numactive Review

Medical alert systems are important tools for seniors who have health issues or are worried about falling or suffering an injury while alone at home. Numactive is a well-known Canadian company that offers both in-home and mobile medical alert systems at affordable prices. The company prides itself on customer service, offering fall risk assessments to new customers, and performing daily tests on medical alert systems as a part of their service.

While Numactive is headquartered in Canada, the company offers service to U.S.-based customers. The company operates two monitoring centers in Canada, and clients in the United States are served by U.S.-based partner centers, ensuring rapid response times for all seniors, no matter where they’re located.

In this review, we consider the device options offered by Numactive, the services the company provides and its pricing structure, to help seniors and their families decide if Numactive is the best medical alert system for their needs.

Numactive's Device Options

Numactive offers two device options: The Alert Home in-home unit and the Alert Sky mobile unit.

The Numactive Alert Home device is aimed at those who have limited mobility and are looking for a medical alert system they can rely on for in-home use. It uses a landline connection and features a base station with a 200-foot range and built-in voice communication. The help button can be worn as a pendant or on the wrist. Numactive tests its alert buttons and devices daily using an automated system and will check in with the user if it detects any problems. The button is a small, discreet device that’s very easy to use. The pendants don’t feature built-in voice communication.

The Numactive Alert Sky is a mobile alert system that uses Rogers, AT&T or LTE cellular coverage. The device connects to UL-listed emergency call centers in the United States and Canada and allows the wearer to talk to the contact center using the built-in two-way voice communication technology. The contact center will talk to the caller then decide whether to send out emergency responders or contact the caller’s loved ones, depending on the nature of the emergency. The Alert Sky system includes automatic fall detection.

Numactive's Plans

Numactive’s in-home plans start at $34.99 per month, and the mobile service starts at $49.99 per month. There are several subscription options, with discounts for those who choose a quarterly or annual plan. There’s no up-front fee for the hardware and no activation fee, however, if a plan is canceled within the first two years, a prorated activation fee of up to $149 may be charged. Seniors must return the hardware when the plan ends.

These fees are in line with other systems on the market. There are some cheaper devices, especially for those who are only looking for an in-home system without fall detection. The Alert Sky plan with fall detection included is quite competitively priced, however.

Extra Services Offered by Numactive

Numactive’s products are quite simple and the company doesn’t offer a lot in terms of extras. There’s no caregiver monitoring system available, just an option for seniors to set a designated caregiver who will be contacted in the event of an emergency.

Numactive doesn’t offer extra wall buttons, lock boxes or other add-ons. This could be seen as a positive since it means seniors won’t be faced with pushy salespeople trying to upsell devices they don’t need or want. However, those looking for medication reminders, apps or wall buttons will need to consider other providers that offer those services.

Customer Reviews of Numactive

What Customers Like

Customers appreciate the professionalism of the responders in both the U.S.- and Canada-based call centers. When seniors join the service, a health record is created for them. In the event of an emergency, call responders pass on any information in the health record to the emergency services. This ensures seniors receive the best possible treatment, saving valuable time during medical emergencies. This attention to detail is something that sets Numactive apart from many other budget medical alert system providers.

The small size of the wearables and the regular testing offered by the company are also positive features. Many seniors struggle with technology and may not notice if their device loses connection or goes flat. With Numactive’s frequent testing service, they don’t need to worry about these issues.

What Customers Don’t Like

Numactive’s minimum three-month prepaid subscription requirement frustrates some customers. This, combined with the expectation of a two-year contract, breakable through paying a prorated activation fee of up to $149, is off-putting for seniors who aren’t sure if Numactive’ medical alert system is suitable for them, and those considering moving into an assisted living facility in the near future.

Numactive’s fee structure isn’t the strictest in the medical alert system space. Some companies require three-year contracts that are only breakable in limited circumstances. There are, however, others that offer monthly rolling contracts from the outset, which is a more consumer-friendly subscription option.

Who Should Consider Numactive

Numactive’s in-home system is a good choice for homebound seniors seeking an affordable, easy-to-use system. The mobile device is a good option for those who’ve tried other medical alert systems that rely on a single cellular provider and found them unreliable in their area. Since Numactive’s device can work with multiple cellular networks, there’s a greater likelihood of getting a good signal.

Seniors looking for a medical alert company that offers reliability, product testing and quality of service may find Numactive an ideal choice.