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Dedicated to Enabling Independence Through Assistive Technology


At MedicalAlert.org, we believe that medical alert systems and other assistive technology can drastically enhance the lives of seniors and their families by coupling an independent lifestyle with safety and peace of mind. Through ever adapting technology, these systems can help caregivers and family members stay connected to their elderly loved ones – ensuring that assistance is always available should there be a fall or medical emergency. Countless lives have been saved and further injury has been prevented through medical alert systems.

Finding a Medical Alert System Shouldn’t Be Hard

MedicalAlert.org was founded to advocate for the consumer – many companies don’t make it easy to compare systems and get accurate information about the technology, pricing, and features of their devices. We exist to give seniors and their loved ones all the tools and information they need to find the best technology at reasonable prices, making sure that they get all the tools and features they need to live safe, connected lives as independently as possible.

Accessible Information Backed by Real Research and Hands-On Testing

We believe that when seniors and their loved ones have easy access to ALL the information, they are capable of making the best decisions for themselves and their loved ones – that’s why we’ve spent thousands of hours researching, making phone calls, testing systems, and compiling expert insights into easy to understand guides and reviews. With all the information and insight in one place, seniors can easily compare systems, features, and prices to find the technology that will best allow them to live independently at a price they can afford.

More than

2,000 hours

Spent Researching Medical Alert Systems

More than

60 systems

Researched, Reviewed, and Analyzed

More than

3,000 people

Helped Monthly

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