The Debut of Medical Alert Smart Watches

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From Amazon’s Alexa to the Apple Watch, you can now find “smart” technology in an ever-increasing range of products and services. Smart home devices can let you order your groceries, turn your lights on and off, and open your garage door using only your voice. For seniors or other older adults with mobility issues, this new technology can make their lives much easier. Beyond that, smart tech is also transforming the medical alert systems that thousands of seniors already rely on.

As seen at CES 2018, the premier American consumer technology conference, medical alert smartwatches are the next big thing to come out of the latest smart tech developments. Let’s take a closer look at what medical alert smartwatches have to offer, and some of the latest options available today.

What do Medical Alert Smart Watches Have to Offer?

Medical alert systems increase independence and safety for their users, and help foster peace of mind for the user’s loved ones. Readers are probably already familiar with the types of medical alert systems currently available on the market, such as pendants and phone-based home systems. Those options may be appropriate for some seniors, depending on their needs, lifestyle, and activity level. However, others find a pendant or other obvious device embarrassing to wear, and an alert system based in the home can make them worry they aren’t safe outside of the home. But what if you could discreetly and freely wear an medical alert system on your wrist?

Medical alert smart watches can:

  • Summon rides (Lyft) to enhance freedom and community accessibility
  • Translate text messages to voice (and vice-versa) for easier communication with friends and loved ones
  • Remind users to take their medications
  • Provide weather forecast information
  • Use multiple systems (GPS, Wi-Fi, and cell towers) to locate the wearer in case of emergency

The Freedom Guardian Watch

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The Freedom Guardian Wearable Medical Alert Watch, introduced by Medical Guardian, provides a wide range of useful features, services, and reminders to its wearer such as those noted above. Perhaps most importantly, it keeps them connected with the Medical Guardian technology platform to access emergency services, as with any other type of medical alert system that is worn and/or installed in the home.

Available in multiple colors on an adjustable silicone watch band, the Freedom Guardian’s features are easy to access by way of oversize icons, simple scrolling, and loud audio for those with hearing issues. At $99, monthly plans start at an additional $44.95 per month. Free delivery and activation make the watch more affordable for those on a fixed income. There is also the option to purchase an additional lockbox for the home which allows a loved one or caregiver to access the home in case of an emergency.

The MobileHelp Watch

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Developed by Samsung Android, the MobileHelp Smart watch was the first groundbreaking medical alert smartwatch introduced to the market, and its latest version offers even more useful features for seniors and older adults. Its Gear S3 platform is already used in other Samsung smart watches, providing a 4G cellular connection and enabling the wearer to use the watch for 2 days before charging.

The MobileHelp’s medical alert system works by allowing the wearer to simply press a button to connect to the call center service and speak to an operator, who can track the location and summon emergency help. The combination of 4G cellular coverage and GPS helps the wearer to stay trackable at all times, allowing them to venture far outside of the home and be more easily located in an emergency.

The watch also offers apps that track various health aspects such as activity level, heart rate, and even caffeine and water consumption. Active seniors will appreciate being able to check the local weather forecast quickly and conveniently using a weather app.

The MobileHelp Smart watch is available for $349.95 with a monthly monitoring fee of $24.95. You can call 1-800-915-8738 to learn about promotional pricing for new customers. Mobile Help also offers a lockbox option, free with your order, and free activation.

The iBeat Watch

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For those who are interested in medical smart watch technology but who do not feel they currently need such a comprehensive option, there are watches available that can track more specific health aspects relevant to the wearer. The iBeat Smartwatch offers a way to closely track cardiac and circulatory health by monitoring heart and oxygen activity. If the tracking values indicate that the wearer could be having a medical emergency, the watch alerts dispatchers (who are available 24/7) if the wearer either fails to respond when prompted or activates the alert system. Built-in fall detection technology means the watch can also be used to summon help in other types of emergencies if needed.

One feature that makes the iBeat special is that it can text an “incident page” to designated contacts to let them know the wearer has summoned help and their location, as well as whether they are on their way to a medical facility. This is an excellent way to make sure loved ones and caregivers stay in the loop if there is an emergency. The data the iBeat monitors can also be downloaded and shared with a healthcare provider.


Freedom Guardian Watch MobileHelp Smart iBeat

Fall Detection

Monitoring Service

Heart Rate Monitor

Location Tracking – GPS


Smart technology has obvious benefits for seniors and older adults as well as their loved ones. The latest offerings offer a discreet, convenient way to maintain safety, independence and peace of mind at an affordable price.