Alert1 Medical Alert Review

Best for Easy Installation


Alert1 was founded in 1988 and has over three decades of experience serving those in need of senior care technology. It is currently based in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and serves customers in all 50 states. The company holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is the 2018 recipient of the Excellence in Modern Senior Yearly Awards for the best medical alert company.

Alert1 offers five different medical alert systems and makes it easy for seniors to start using them as soon as possible with its simple installation process. All devices are preprogrammed, so users need only to unbox the system and plug it in, and the device will work automatically. For those who would like assistance with installation, Alert1 does offer the option to have a professional install the device.

Who Alert1 Is Best For

Seniors Who Live in Large Homes

The voice extender device increases the range of Alert1’s in-home monitoring systems. The voice extender is ideal for seniors who live in large spaces that may be too big for their voice to carry to the base station from all areas of the home. Like the medical alert system’s base station, the voice extender has a built-in two-way speaker and can be used as a speakerphone. The device can give users peace of mind that they will be able to communicate with emergency operators from anywhere in the home. Users can purchase the device for a one-time fee of $99; there is no recurring monthly fee for use.

Bilingual or Multilingual Seniors

Alert1 operates its own U.S.-based monitoring centers, which are staffed with operators who undergo rigorous training. The company also works with an interpreter service which allows the operating centers to provide caller support in over 190 languages. Alert1 users can rest assured that even if they speak a language other than English, they will be able to get the assistance they need in a timely manner and in their preferred language.

Seniors Who Are Prone to Falls

In addition to its three devices that include automatic fall detection, Alert1 also offers a fall detection package for in-home use. The package includes two wall-mounted buttons to provide extra protection throughout the home, as well as devices to make falls less likely like adhesive tub strips and motion-sensing night lights. Between the devices with fall detection and the fall protection package, seniors who are prone to falls are well-covered by Alert1.

Plans and Starting Costs

Alert1 users have the option of paying for their device either on a monthly basis, or one lump payment for 10 months. The 10-month option reduces the price by several dollars each month, and includes one month of free service. Alert1 users do not need to sign a long-term contract and may cancel their service at any time without paying a penalty. The company also offers a 30-day trial period during which users can return their device for a full refund.

Starting Costs

Some Alert1 systems have one-time activation fees. Additionally, customers who choose to pay monthly have to pay for shipping. Startup costs, including shipping, are waived for those who choose the 10-month option.

Device Prices and Features



Device Features

This basic in-home system uses a landline to connect users to the emergency monitoring center. There is no cellular option; a working landline is required for the Home. The base station features a 24-hour backup battery and range of 600 feet. The included wearable help button is showerproof and waterproof. Fall detection is not available with this system.


Home costs $28.95 plus a one-time activation fee of $19.95 with a monthly payment plan. The 10-month plan costs $19.95 a month and includes activation.

Home Fall Detection

Device Features

Home Fall Detection is another in-home system. It may be used with either a landline or a cellular connection with T-Mobile’s cellular network. Its base station has a range of 400 feet and a 24-hour backup battery. The system includes two wearable help buttons: a standard personal help button wristband, and a fall detection pendant. The pendant automatically sends a call to the emergency monitoring center when it senses a fall.


This system costs $39.95 a month with a monthly plan, plus $19.95 for activation. The 10-month plan comes out to $27.95 a month and includes activation.



Device Features

On-the-Go is an all-in-one portable device with a built-in two-way speaker and personal help button. The device may be used with either AT&T’s or T-Mobile’s cellular networks; users can choose whichever network is stronger in their area. The lightweight device is showerproof, waterproof, compatible with pacemakers, and can last up to 30 days between charges. It is designed to be worn as a pendant, but may also be placed in a belt clip. Fall detection is not available with On-the-Go.


The On-the-Go mobile device costs $45.95 with a monthly plan, or $36.95 a month with a 10-month subscription. Those who choose the monthly option also must pay a one-time activation fee of $19.95.

On-the-Go Fall Detection

Device Features

This is another all-in-one mobile device. Unlike the standard On-the-Go system, this device includes automatic fall detection. It is showerproof and waterproof and may be worn around the neck or in a belt clip. On-the-GO Fall Detection has a battery life of up to 5 days. It may only be used with AT&T’s cellular network.


On-the-Go Fall Detection costs $53.95 with a month-to-month payment plan plus $19.95 for activation. The 10-month option costs $44.95 a month. Both plans include the cost of automatic fall detection.

On-the-Go + Home Fall Detection

Device Features

On-the-Go + Home Fall Detection is designed to provide the most comprehensive emergency protection both in and out of the home. The system includes an all-in-one mobile device that users may wear around the neck or on a belt. The mobile device is equipped with fall detection and cellular service with AT&T’s network. When users are in the home, they place the mobile device in its charging cradle, where it functions as a base station, and put on the in-home fall detection pendant. Both devices are waterproof and showerproof.


This is Alert1’s most comprehensive and most expensive system at $61.95 a month with a monthly plan. The 10-month subscription plan lowers the cost to $52.95 a month, and includes activation.

Home Home Fall Detection On-the-Go On-the-Go Fall Detection On-the-Go + Home Fall Detection
Monthly Cost $28.95 $39.95 $45.95 $53.95 $61.95
One-time fees N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Type of Device In-home system In-home system Mobile system Mobile system Mobile system
Connection Landline Landline or cellular Cellular Cellular Cellular
Battery Life 24-hour backup 24-hour backup 30 days 5 days 24 hours
Water Resistant Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shower-pro of Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Range 600 feet 400 feet N/A N/A N/A
Fall Detection Not available Included in monthly cost Not available Included in monthly cost Included in monthly cost

Optional Devices

Medication Reminder and Organizer

Alert1 offers an automatic medication dispenser and organizer. Users can program up to 4 reminders and dispenses per day. At the pre-set times, an alarm will sound to remind users to take their medication, and the device will dispense the dose of medication. The device can hold up to 28 doses at a time. Users may purchase this device for a one-time fee of $149.95.

Voice Extender

This device increases the range of Alert1’s in-home systems. It is designed for those who live in a large home and worry that their voice may not carry from certain areas to the in-home base station. Users can place the voice extender in an area of the home that otherwise would be too far away from the base station. The device also serves as an alternative speaker to communicate with the monitoring center. The voice extender costs $99 and is only compatible with the Home and Home Fall Detection systems.

Fall Protection Package

The Fall Protection Package provides extra assurance against injury from falls. The package includes two wall-mounted buttons that users may use to contact the monitoring center, and motion sensing nightlights, adhesive tub strips, and corner guards to prevent the risk of falling. Users may purchase the package for $200.

Monitored Smoke Detector

Alert1 customers have the option to add a monitored smoke detector to their medical alert package for an additional $10 per month. Like Alert1’s medical alert systems, these smoke detectors are connected with the company’s emergency monitoring centers. The operators will be alerted when the fire alarm goes off and send help, keeping users safe even when they can’t get to the phone. For seniors who live independently, a monitored smoke detector is a great way to round-out one’s home safety features.

Household Devices

Alert1 also offers home safety devices for purchase. Its lockboxes and wall buttons complement the protection of personal medical alert systems. Both devices are available for a one-time fee of $39.95. Users may also purchase a surge guard for $19.95. The surge guard can protect seniors’ phone lines from surging, which ensures that users of Alert1’s in-home landline devices will always have access to the emergency monitoring center.


Alert1 operates its own emergency monitoring centers, referred to as Command Centers. The centers are both located in the United States, are UL-listed, and TMA 5 Diamond Certified. The operators work with an interpreter service to provide assistance in over 190 languages, so seniors who do not speak English or are more comfortable speaking another language can rest assured that they still have the protection that they need.