Bay Alarm Medical Alert Review

Best for On-the-Road Monitoring

Bay Alarm Medical is part of the Bay Alarm Family of Companies, a family-run security organization founded in 1946. Today, Bay Alarm is the largest independently owned security company in the United States. Both Bay Alarm and Bay Alarm Medical are committed to giving back to their community. Bay Alarm Medical regularly supports organizations like Meals on Wheels, Purple Heart Homes, and The Pets for the Elderly Foundation.

Bay Alarm Medical offers three different medical alert devices and with several service plan options for each device. One of its stand-out devices is the in-car On the Go system. On the Go plugs directly into drivers’ cars and has a personal help button to connect users to the emergency monitoring center. The device features GPS location tracking and automatic crash detection, which instantly triggers a call to the emergency monitoring center in the event of an auto accident. Bay Alarm Medical is the only medical alert company to offer a device specifically for on-the-road monitoring, and enables more freedom for seniors.

Who Bay Alarm Medical Is Best For

Seniors Trying to Stick to a Budget

Bay Alarm Medical offers high-quality, reliable medical alert systems at some of the lowest prices in the industry. Its standard in-home device starts at $19.95 a month, and mobile devices with GPS start at $24.95 a month. Additionally, it offers Bundle & Save options, which allows customers to select multiple Bay Alarm Medical devices for comprehensive protection at a discounted rate. The most comprehensive bundled option, Full Coverage, saves users almost $15 per month versus paying for each of the included devices individually.


The GPS Tracking Portal allows caregivers and family members of Bay Alarm Medical users to track their loved one’s location on-demand, as well as check their location history. Bay Alarm Medical also offers a unique geofencing feature, which allows caregivers to set specific boundaries for their loved one’s device, and receive a notification if their loved one leaves the area. This feature is especially useful for caregivers of seniors with memory impairment who may be prone to wandering.

In addition to the GPS Tracking Portal, Bay Alarm Medical offers a mobile app that is free for all users and their caregivers. The app allows caregivers to update their loved one’s medical history and emergency contacts, check the device’s battery level, and other useful functions.

Seniors Who Drive

No other medical alert company offers a device specifically for in-car use. Bay Alarm Medical’s On the Road device directly plugs into one’s car (via the cigarette lighter), so there is no need to ever remove it from the vehicle. On the Road comes equipped with GPS location tracking to locate the vehicle at any time, and automatically detects crashes to alert the emergency monitoring center and dispatch emergency services to the vehicle. The device works in any vehicle.

Plans and Starting Costs

All Bay Alarm Medical devices are paid for on a month-to-month basis. The least expensive system, the In the Home, costs $19.95 a month. The most expensive system is the bundled 360 Protection plan, which costs $59.95 a month and includes multiple devices.

Bay Alarm Medical does not require customers to sign a long-term services contract. Customers who return their system within the first 30 days of service receive a full refund. Outside of the 30 day trial period, customers may still cancel their service at any time without paying a penalty.

Starting Costs

Bay Alarm Medical customers who choose to pay for their device monthly must pay $9.95 for shipping. The shipping fee is waived for those who choose the semi-annual payment option. Additionally, On the Go users or those who choose the Full Coverage package must pay a one-time purchase fee of approximately $79 for the mobile medical alert device. Users never have to return the device.

Device Prices and Features


Device Features

Bay Alarm Medical offers two in-home systems, one which requires a landline connection and one which uses 4G LTE to connect with the emergency monitoring center. Other than the connection type, the two systems are identical. The in-home base station has a range of 1,000 feet and a 32-hour backup battery, and the included wearable help button is waterproof and showerproof. The help button may either be worn as a pendant or around the wrist. Users who choose the pendant option may upgrade to a designer pendant with varying colors and artwork. The designer pendants cost an additional one-time fee of $27.95.


The in-home system costs $19.95 when used with a landline. The cellular option is a bit more expensive, at $29.95 a month. Fall detection is available with both system types for an additional fee of $10 a month.

Pricing The in-home landline system costs $19.95 a month with both the monthly and semi-annual payment options. The cellular option is a bit more expensive, at $29.95 a month with both payment plans. Fall detection is available with both system types for an additional fee of $10 a month.

On the Go

Device Features

On the Go

On the Go is a portable device designed for active seniors who regularly spend time outside of the home. It comes equipped with a 4G LTE connection, so it works anywhere in the United States with cellular service. On the Go is an all-in-one device with a built-in two-way speaker and a personal help button, so users only need to carry one device. On the Go is water resistant, showerproof, and has a battery life of up to 3 days. The device is available in two colors- black and white.


On the Go costs $24.95 per month, and is paid on a month-to-month basis. Unlike other devices, which users lease and ultimately must return to the company, On the Go customers purchase their devices for a one-time fee of $79.99, and then may keep it forever. A second mobile device may be added to the same monitoring subscription for $20 a month. Additionally, users may bundle On the Go with the In-Home device for a total cost of $39.95 a month for both devices. Automatic fall detection may be added to one’s service plan for an additional $10 a month.

On the Road

Device Features

On the Road is the only medical alert device specifically designed for in-car use. It plugs directly into the car’s cigarette lighter, so there is no need to charge the device or ever remove it from the car. In an emergency, users may press the built-in personal help button to connect with the emergency monitoring center. The device also includes automatic crash detection, which instantly triggers a call to the monitoring center in the event of an auto accident. On the Road has GPS location tracking to make it easy to locate users in an emergency, and to provide caregivers and family members of users with peace of mind about their loved one’s location while driving.


On its own, On the Road costs $29.95 a month. It may also be purchased as an add-on to another Bay Alarm Medical system. In these cases, the device costs just $20 a month.

Full Coverage Package

The full coverage package is a bundle plan which includes the In-Home, On the Go, and On the Road systems for comprehensive protection. The price for all three systems together is $59.95 a month with a landline-based in-home system, or $69.95 for an in-home system with a cellular connection. Fall detection is also available for an additional $10 a month. In addition to the monthly cost, users must pay a one-time purchase fee of $79 for the mobile device. The purchase fee means that the device is customers’ to keep forever, rather than leased, as is typically the case with medical alert devices.

In-Home (Landline)In-Home (Cellular)On-the-GoOn-the-RoadFull Coverage
Monthly Cost$19.95$29.95$24.95$29.95$59.95
One-Time FeesN/AN/A$79.99N/A$79
Type of DeviceIn-home systemIn-home systemMobile systemIn-car systemIn-home and mobile system
Battery Life32-hour backup32-hour backup3 daysN/A32-hour backup; 3-day mobile battery
Water ResistantYesYesYesN/AYes (other than On-the-Road)
Shower-ProofYesYesYesN/AYes (other than On-the-Road)
Range1,000 feet1,000 feetN/AN/A1,000 feet
Fall Detection$10 a month$10 a month$10 a monthN/A*$10 a month

*Automatic crash detection is included

Optional Devices

Bay Alarm Medical users have the option of adding several extra devices to their service plan, including:

  • Wall Buttons: Wall-mounted buttons may be placed anywhere in a user’s home where they would like extra protection, such as the bathroom. The wall buttons function as additional personal help buttons and will connect callers with the monitoring center when pressed. Wall-mounted buttons cost an additional $2.95 a month per button, or $10 a month for a 4-pack. Those who choose Preferred or Premium service packages receive two or four free wall buttons, respectively, with the monthly cost of their plan.
  • Lockboxes: Lockboxes provide an easy way for emergency services to enter users’ home if the user is unable to answer the door during an emergency. They cost an additional $1.95 a month.
  • Designer Pendants: Customers of lanyard-button devices have the option of upgrading to a pendant featuring colors, art, and designs. There are four options of “beautified” pendants, which cost an additional one-time fee of $27.95 at the time of device purchase.
  • Preferred and Premium Packages: In addition to the basic service package, the In-Home and On the Go devices are available with Preferred and Premium packages. The bundle packages include wall-mounted help buttons (two with Prefered, four with Premium), and the Premium package includes free ground shipping.


Bay Alarm Medical devices are monitored by a U.S.-based, third-party monitoring agency. The agency has call centers in Utah and Idaho, both of which are UL-listed and CSAA certified. Trained operators will answer the calls and give Bay Alarm Medical users the option of speaking to emergency services or their emergency contacts, such as a caregiver or family member.