Best Medical Alert Systems for Men

Medical alert systems are designed to help seniors and people living with disabilities enjoy their independence while ensuring assistance is always close at hand. These lightweight, wearable devices make calling for help simple, even for users who have low vision or poor dexterity.

While medical alert systems aren’t gender-specific, some systems do offer services and features that are more likely to appeal to men. This guide covers our picks for the three best medical alert systems for men.

Medical Alert Systems to Consider for Men

MobileHelp Classic

Men who are looking for a maintenance-free, budget-friendly in-home medical alert system should take a look at the MobileHelp Classic.

This simple, reliable system includes a cellular transponder, so there’s no landline needed. Users can choose between a pendant or wrist-mounted waterproof help button in black or white, and thanks to the built-in battery, the button is completely maintenance-free.

The MobileHelp Classic is compatible with MobileHelp’s automatic fall detection feature, which triggers a call for help should the user suffer from a sudden fall, and subscribers can add up to four wall-mounted help buttons to the system. Designed for at-home use, the lightweight, wearable panic buttons work up to 1400 feet from the base unit, providing most users with whole-home coverage.

  • Costs less than $20 per month
  • Choice of pendant or wrist-mounted help button
  • Optional fall detection
  • Maintenance free
  • Waterproof help buttons available in black or white
  • Panic button can be worn 24/7

Freedom Guardian

Geared towards tech-savvy users who are looking for a discreet medical alert system, the Freedom Guardian is a medical alert smartwatch that looks and feels like a regular digital watch. Available in black or white, it includes a speakerphone, GPS and Wi-Fi location tracker and 4G cellular transponder activated on the nationwide AT&T network.

The built-in battery lasts up to 48 hours, and the watch is equipped with a text-to-speech messaging app that lets users send and receive short text messages without typing. There’s also a simple reminder app and a local weather app, and access to an online user dashboard is included.

  • Advanced location tracking with GPS, Wi-Fi and cell tower triangulation
  • Available in black or white
  • Looks and feels like a standard smartwatch or digital watch
  • Text-to-speech app
  • Nationwide coverage on AT&T cellular network

Bay Alarm Medical In-Car

The Bay Alarm Medical In-Car medical alert system is a great solution for active men who love to get behind the wheel. This innovative device combines a traditional monitored help button with advanced crash detection and GPS location tracking technology.

The device simply plugs into a vehicle’s 12V outlet. Should the driver be involved in a crash, a call to Bay Alarm Medical’s emergency monitoring center is automatically triggered, and an emergency operator initiates a two-way call with the driver through the speakerphone on the device. If the driver needs police, fire or ambulance services, the Bay Alarm Medical operator can dispatch help to the exact location.

The In-Car medical alert system also comes with a caregiver app with location tracking and a geo-fence feature. If the driver travels outside of a predetermined area, caregivers are sent an alert on their smartphones. This feature can provide extra peace of mind to families of older drivers, new drivers or men who spend a lot of time on the road.

  • GPS location tracking
  • Automatic crash detection
  • Caregiver app with geo-fence feature