Can You Get a Medical Alert Bracelet for Free?

It can be difficult to get a medical alert bracelet for free, but some local organizations, hospitals and insurance providers may provide these bracelets to seniors. For seniors who want to be well-prepared in the event of a medical emergency, investing in a medical alert bracelet is a smart idea.

Seniors who are on a fixed income may be worried about the cost. While there are limited free medical alert bracelet options, some seniors may succeed in getting one for free. This guide can help seniors understand what options exist for obtaining a free medical alert bracelet.

Reach Out to Local Hospitals

Some hospitals provide medical alert bracelets for free. Seniors should make a list of local hospitals and reach out to them to see if they offer this service. If they don’t, it’s a good idea to ask if they know of any local organizations that provide medical alert bracelets for free.

Contact Insurance

While not all insurance companies provide medical alert bracelets for free, some do. If a medical alert bracelet is considered medically necessary based on a senior’s health situation, their insurance provider may cover the cost. Seniors should call the number on the back of their insurance card to verify whether this is the case. The insurance company may require documentation from a doctor or medical professional to prove that the bracelet is medically necessary.

Look Into Medicare or Medicaid Benefits

Medicare Part A and B usually don’t cover these kinds of expenses. Medicare Part A focuses on hospital-related expenses, and Medicare Part B covers medical equipment and medical tests. But seniors may have better luck with Medicare Part C. This supplemental health plan may cover certain devices. Seniors should look into coverage details to see if a medical alert bracelet is covered at no extra cost.

Reach Out to Local Organizations

Another way seniors may be able to get a free medical alert bracelet is through seniors organizations and programs. Check with the local Area Agency on Aging to see if it provides this service or knows another organization that does. There may also be other senior programs in the area that offer free bracelets.

Invest in a Medical Alert System

Some medical alert system companies offer freebies to seniors who invest in a medical alert system. Seniors interested in feeling safer when they’re home alone should check with medical alert system companies to see if they provide free medical alert bracelets. Most companies require seniors to commit to a subscription package to be eligible for freebies or extras, but this can be a good way to get a free medical alert bracelet. Having a medical alert system can also provide peace of mind to family members and friends. While it may take a few tries and multiple calls, it may be possible to get a free medical alert bracelet.