Connect America Review

Connect America is a medical alert system manufacturer that was founded in 2000. It offers affordably priced, subscription-based medical alert devices with two-way voice communication capabilities. Connect America is a member of the Alarm Alliance and its contact centers are UL Certified.

Seniors can choose from a selection of packages including a landline-based in-home medical alert system with two help buttons, and a mobile security unit with cellular connectivity. The mobile unit also comes with two emergency buttons. Connect America offers flexible subscription plans, allowing users to pay for short periods at a time, rather than locking them in to longer contracts. New customers are required to prepay for three months in lieu of an activation fee, but after that  period is up there’s no ongoing lock-in.

This review looks at the products offered by Connect America and the relative benefits of each package, helping seniors choose the best service for their needs.

Connect America's Device Options

Connect America offers four core devices:

  • At-Home Landline System: A traditional, landline-based medical alert system with a pendant or bracelet that can be used to communicate with Connect America’s emergency operators.
  • At-Home Cellular System: A medical alert system with a cellular base station instead of one that requires a landline connection.
  • On-The-Go Mobile: A mobile medical alert system that relies on AT&T’s cellular network and includes GPS tracking and automatic fall detection.
  • Mobile Alert 911: A simple handheld device that can be used to call 911 via included cellular service.

Connect America's Plans

Connect America offers a selection of plans starting at $29.95 per month. There’s a three-month lock-in for new customers, but there are no activation or device fees. If a customer cancels the service before the three-month period ends, they lose the money they paid for any unused subscription time.

Once the initial subscription period is over, users have the option of paying monthly, semiannually or annually. There are discounts for longer subscription periods, and those on the annual plan receive one free month of service each year. Once a subscriber is past the initial three-month subscription period they can receive a prorated refund for any unused subscription time if they decide to cancel their prepaid contract.

At the time of writing, Connect America doesn’t offer any veteran discounts. It’s also not known for running regular promotional deals. However, the base pricing  is quite competitive, even when the additional fees for fall detection and other services are factored in. Since all in-home systems come with two help buttons, a couple can use the same system for one monthly fee. This offers some significant savings over rival systems.

Extra Services Offered by Connect America

Connect America offers more than just basic medical alert devices. The company offers some optional extras, including insurance for the base unit and up to two buttons for $5 per month, and the option of a belt clip as well as a pendant for the On-The-Go system. The optional automatic fall detection costs $10 per month, and the company also offers MedRemedy Medication Monitoring for seniors who struggle to stay on top of their medication regimens.

Customer Reviews of Connect America

Connect America offers good value for households with two seniors, but the packages it provides is limited in terms of modern, high-tech features.

What Customers Like

Connect America owns its call centers, and uses multilingual staff, giving seniors with a first language other than English extra peace of mind. Customers praise the company for its simple pricing, with no setup fees or long-term contracts. They also like that the in-home base units come with two help buttons, which can save households with more than one senior a substantial amount of money on monthly monitoring bills.

What Customers Don’t Like

The systems are rather bare-bones, and some seniors find the lack of TMA Five Diamond Certification off-putting. Additionally, Connect America doesn’t offer carbon monoxide or smoke detector monitoring, and their systems don’t have an automatic testing feature. There’s no smartwatch-style device, either, despite these wearables becoming increasingly popular among seniors. Some seniors may be happy without these features, but those who struggle with memory issues or aren’t tech-savvy may find it reassuring to have all their services managed for them.

Who Should Consider Connect America

Connect America’s medical alert monitoring services are a good choice for seniors on a budget, and in particular for older couples who both want to have a monitoring device. The devices are waterproof and work reliably and the systems include all the basic features users have come to expect from the best medical alert systems. Families who want more features can find other brands that offer extra add-ons, but the monthly fees charged by these providers may be much higher.

For those who simply want a medical alert system to help a senior maintain their confidence and age in place without worrying about what would happen if they slip or fall while alone, and those who want a comforting voice at the end of a cellular line, Connect America more than gets the job done.