Does AARP Cover Medical Alert Systems?

AARP doesn’t cover the cost of medical alert systems, but it may offer discounts that can help make this investment less expensive. For seniors who are looking to protect themselves and stay safe during a medical emergency, investing in a medical alert system may be a good plan.

Many seniors worry about the expenses that come with investing in medical alert systems, but they may be able to use their AARP membership to save on the total cost of a new system.

What Medical Alert Discounts Does AARP Offer?

AARP currently partners with Philips Lifeline to offer discounts. Seniors can save 15% on a medical alert service. They can also get free shipping and free activation with this deal. Most Philips Lifeline systems charge a $50 activation fee in addition to shipping, so this is a worthwhile discount for seniors who want to spend less.

Should I Call and Ask for a Discount?

AARP members who want to invest in medical alert systems should first check what current discounts are available from AARP as they may change over time. They then need to reach out to the medical alert system provider to ask for the deal or discount to be applied. To take advantage of the offer mentioned above, seniors must contact Philips Lifeline by phone and mention being an AARP member.

Is the Discounted Provider the Best One for Me?

Not all providers offer the same types of systems, features, accessories or packages, and the cost of each package can vary widely from provider to provider. Once a senior knows what kind of discount they can get from an AARP partner, they can then research the medical alert system company’s devices and plans to determine if they’re a good choice for their needs and goals. If not, then the discount may not be worth it.