Does Costco Sell Medical Alert Systems?

When you need to purchase a medical alert system, check the systems available from your local Costco store. Many shoppers enjoy being able to one-stop-shop at their local Costco warehouse, where they can buy products ranging from fresh produce to clothing, typically at discounted prices. And as it turns out, Costco does offer its members and other consumers high-quality medical alert systems at their stores or through their website.

A medical alert system can summon help for someone who’s alone in an emergency situation. These systems typically include a wearable device that’s particularly useful for seniors who are at high risk of falling when alone at home or outdoors but wish to maintain their independence.

Medical Alert Systems Available From Costco

Costco sells two types of medical alert systems, both manufactured by Medical Guardian. Each has a two-way communication system, includes three months of service and comes with a free protection plan.

On-The-Go System

The On-The-Go system is only available on Costco’s website. On-The-Go features a lightweight device that users can wear as a pendant, using the breakaway lanyard for safety, or attach to clothing. It relies on Verizon 4G cellular service, which lets wearers communicate with operators throughout the nation 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The device is water-resistant for use while showering, boasts a battery life of up to 30 days and offers fall detection services.

Active 4G Medical Alert System

Costco also offers the Active 4G Medical Alert System, which can be purchased in-store or online. The Active 4-G package features all of the benefits of the On-The-Go system plus a charging cradle and emergency lockbox. Its battery provides up to five days of battery life.