Medical Care Alert Review

Medical alert systems allow users to call for help with the press of a button, connecting the user to an emergency call center within seconds. One such company providing medical alert systems is Medical Care Alert, a division of American Response Technologies, Inc., located in Northville, Michigan.

The company is family-owned and stands by its systems, with family members themselves using the medical alert monitoring systems. While other systems provide very similar emergency response services, the Medical Care Alert medical alert system employs call center operators who are not only trained to answer emergency calls but are also certified EMT/EMD response agents. This adds an extra layer of safety for seniors and those living with disabilities.

When choosing a medical alert system for yourself or a loved one, it’s important to learn about all the options and accessories to help make the right decision. Every senior or adult with a disability has unique needs and requirements for a medical alert system to work best for them. This guide contains information about the Medical Care Alert medical alert system, its options, devices, accessories and costs.

Medical Care Alert Devices and Systems

Medical Care Alert offers three packages: one for inside the home, another for use in the home and yard, and a mobile system that works in the home and on the go. All the equipment is provided free of cost, and there are no long-term contracts.

HOME Medical Alert System

The HOME medical alert system works with a landline, but there’s also an optional cellular service system for seniors without a landline. The speakerphone console has a sensitive whole-house speaker that provides loud communication from the response center operator and a high-fidelity microphone for seniors who speak quietly or can’t speak loud enough due to an injury.

A water-resistant button is worn as a pendant or on a wristband. When pressed, the button communicates with the speakerphone console, and a call center operator responds within seconds. The operator speaks with the user and can call a specified contact or dispatch EMS personnel if the caller indicates they’re experiencing an emergency. This system works well for seniors who stay at home most of the time.

What’s included:

  • Water-resistant button that never needs charging
  • Lanyard and belt clip
  • Speakerphone main base with sensitive, amplified speakers
  • Optional fall detection pendant

HOME & YARD Medical Alert System

The HOME & YARD system includes a base station console for clear two-way communication between the user and a call center operator and a water-resistant, two-way voice pendant to wear around the neck. If a senior has a large house and can’t always hear the console speaker or if they go out to the garden or to get the mail, the two-way voice pendant allows them to communicate with the response center without having to be near the base station. This system includes three ways to wear the pendant: on a lanyard, in a belt clip or in a wheelchair strap holder.

The pendant reaches 600 feet from the base station console, and the battery needs charging once a month. An automatic check-in feature communicates with the base station console every 13 hours and alerts the monitoring center if a low battery or loss of signal occurs. The pendant lasts for up to four hours of talk-time or as long as four months in standby mode. Seniors who wish to answer their house phone while outside or when not near the phone inside can program the pendant to answer phone calls.

What’s included:

  • Water-resistant, two-way voice pendant button
  • Speakerphone base station console with sensitive, amplified speakers
  • Lanyard, belt clip and wheelchair strap holder
  • Optional fall detection pendant

HOME & AWAY ULTRA Mobile Medical Alert System

For seniors who work, travel or are active outside their home, the HOME & AWAY ULTRA Mobile Medical Alert System includes GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular triangulation tracking to give the response center operators the user’s location. The two-way voice button calls the center when pressed, and the operator dispatches EMS immediately. Staff then notify the user’s contacts about the incident and provide the location of their loved one.

The small hand-held device hangs on a lanyard or can be placed in the included belt clip. It’s water-resistant, and the battery lasts up to three days. Users can set the device on its charging station at night so it’s ready to go the next morning.

What’s included:

  • Water-resistant two-way voice device with GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular triangulation tracking
  • Device charger base
  • Lanyard and belt clip
  • Optional fall detection pendant

Medical Care Alert Plans and Pricing

All three subscriptions include an in-home, risk-free trial. If the user cancels the subscription within the first 14 days, there’s no cancellation fee and the service plan payment is refunded. Subscriptions paid yearly offer one month free, and the subscriber receives an EMS lockbox at no cost. Semiannual payment offers free priority mail shipping and a free EMS lockbox, and subscribers who pay quarterly receive a free EMS lockbox. All equipment is free, there are no activation fees and the subscription cost is locked in at the price offered when started.

Subscriptions include monthly payments, but customers save when paying quarterly, semiannually and yearly.

HOME Medical Alert System HOME & YARD Medical Alert System HOME & AWAY ULTRA Mobile Medical Alert System Fall Detection
Monthly Cost $29.95/$27.45 paid yearly $34.95/ $32.04 paid yearly $39.95/$36.62 paid yearly $10 monthly and one-time pendant cost of $60.00
Activation Fee n/a n/a n/a n/a
Type of System Home only Home only Home and mobile Home and mobile
Connection Type Landline/cellular Cellular Cellular/GPS Cellular
Water-Resistant Yes Yes Yes Yes
Range from base 1,000 feet 600 feet n/a 1,000 feet
Battery Life 7 years 1 month 4 days 18 months

Additional Options and Accessories

When paid quarterly, semiannually or yearly, each package includes a free lockbox, but customers can purchase more if needed. Wall-mounted buttons are accessories that work with the HOME and HOME & YARD systems. These wall buttons are placed in areas of the user’s home where falls may happen. This feature is useful if the user can’t reach their pendant, aren’t wearing it, or the pendant battery isn’t charged.

One-Time Cost
Lockbox $29.95
In-home wearable help buttons $29.95
Home and yard pendant $60
Wall-mounted buttons $29.95

Extra Services Offered by Medical Care Alert

In case of loss or damages to the Medical Care Alert system, the company offers insurance for $5 a month. The insurance covers any damages and replaces devices or equipment free. Some devices may have a deductible, and the insurance limits replacements to once a year. The HOME system includes a 72-hour backup battery in the case of a power outage, and the company has two U.S. monitoring centers for redundancy, ensuring a fast response to calls for help.

Customer Reviews of Medical Care Alert

What Customers Like

Customers often provide great reviews with five stars, citing their satisfaction with customer service, fast response times to emergency calls and how easy the systems are to set up. One family member shared their appreciation for the excellent service, “Mom feels safe and secure. Your alert is easy to use and we are pleased with the customer service during set-up. Thank you for being such a valuable company for the elderly and other vulnerable people who need to stay safe in their homes. We appreciate what you do!”

What Customers Don't Like

One complaint that came up several times was how long it took to receive a refund once service was canceled and the lack of communication on equipment returns. This customer was unhappy with how long it took to get a confirmation, “It took forever to get an answer confirming my returned unit had been received, over 7 weeks.” Another customer expressed frustration with not receiving their refund.

Who Should Consider Medical Care Alert

The Medical Care Alert medical alert system is a good choice for seniors or people living with disabilities who live alone, have mobility issues, suffer from epilepsy or seizures, or are at risk of a stroke or heart attack and want to live in their homes as they age. Because the Medical Care Alert call operators are certified and experienced EMT/EMD responders, customers know when they call that they’re talking to a professional health care operator who understands medical conditions. This advantage can make the Medical Care Alert more reassuring for users and their families and caretakers.