MobileHelp Medical Alert Review

Most Affordable In-Home Cellular System

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, MobileHelp serves users ranging from 19 to 110 years old in all 50 states. In 2012, they were awarded the North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Growth Capital Investment Opportunity for their Duo device, which was the first fully integrated mobile medical alert device with GPS technology. According to the company’s website, MobileHelp assists someone with an emergency every 7.5 minutes. The company is FDA registered, FCC certified, and PTCRB certified.

MobileHelp offers five different medical alert systems, plus a smartwatch-style device. All of its systems come at very reasonable prices, especially its in-home system, the MobileHelp Classic. The MobileHelp Classic costs just $19.95 a month including cellular service through AT&T’s network. This is the lowest price on the market for an in-home system with a cellular connection. The low base price coupled with the fact that the company does not charge an extra monthly fee for a cellular connection in the home makes the MobileHelp Classic significantly more affordable than other in-home cellular systems.

Who MobileHelp Is Best For

Those Without a Landline

Most companies charge an extra monthly fee for an in-home cellular connection. MobileHelp is one of the only companies that includes cellular service in their base price for their in-home device, and still, the MobileHelp Classic is among the least expensive in-home systems available on the market today.

For seniors who do not have a landline in their home, choosing the MobileHelp Classic over other companies’ in-home devices can save them over $100 per year. Even many landline-based in-home devices cost more per month than the MobileHelp Classic, so the device is a great choice for anyone hoping to keep costs low.

Seniors Interested in a Smartwatch Style Device

MobileHelp is one of the only companies to offer a smartwatch-style medical alert device, the MobileHelp Smart. This device looks like a regular watch and has many of the same functions as a smartwatch, like fitness and diet tracking and a built-in weather app. It also functions as a medical alert device and connects users to the emergency monitoring center. The device lets seniors enjoy the appearance and benefits of a smartwatch, while still having the protection of a medical alert device.


All MobileHelp devices include free access to MobileHelp Connect, an online portal and mobile app for caregivers. MobileHelp Connect allows caregivers and family members of MobileHelp users to monitor their loved one’s health and safety with features like on-demand location tracking, activity tracking, and event notification, which sends an alert to MobileHelp Connet users anytime their loved one presses their personal help button.

Plans and Starting Costs

MobileHelp devices may be paid for on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. The exceptions are the MobileHelp Smart, which has a minimum payment period of three months, and the MobileHelp Touch, which has a minimum payment period of six months. For most devices, choosing one of the longer payment periods reduces the monthly cost by several dollars. Quarterly, semi-annual, and annual plans also include free shipping.

Customers are not required to sign any long-term contracts and may cancel their service at any time without paying a fee. MobileHelp also offers a prorated refund on any prepaid months at the time of cancellation, and all customers are eligible for a 30-day trial period during which they can return their device for a full refund.

Starting Costs

MobileHelp customers who choose the monthly payment option must pay $15 for ground shipping. Quarterly, semi-annual, and annual plans for all devices include free ground shipping.

Some customers may also have to pay one-time activation fees. The MobileHelp Classic carries a one-time fee of $49.95; the fee is waived for customers who choose quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payment plans. Additionally, the MobileHelp Smart must be purchased for a one-time fee of $349.95.

Device Prices and Features


Device Features

The Classic is an in-home system with a cellular connection through AT&T’s network, so no landline is required. It includes a base station with a range of 600 feet and a 30-hour backup battery, and one waterproof and showerproof wearable help button. The personal help button may be worn either as a pendant or wristband.


This system costs $19.95 a month including AT&T’s cellular service, making it the least expensive in-home system with a cellular connection on the market. The monthly cost is the same regardless of which payment plan customers choose, but the one-time device fee of $49.95 is waived for those who choose a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual plan. Fall detection costs an additional $10 a month.


Device Features

The Solo is a mobile system designed for active seniors who spend a lot of time outside of the home. It uses AT&T’s cellular network to connect with the emergency monitoring center, so it works anywhere in the United States with cellular service. It also has GPS tracking services to easily locate users during an emergency. The system includes a small device that functions as a portable base station and a separate waterproof, showerproof personal help button. The device battery lasts 24 hours between charges, so it is recommended that users place the device in its charging cradle each night.


This system costs $37.95 a month with a monthly plan, $34.95 a month with a quarterly plan, or $32.95 a month with a semi-annual plan or annual plan. These prices are on par with industry averages. Automatic fall detection is also available for an additional $10 a month.

MobileHelp Duo

Device Features

The Duo is a bundled system that includes both MobileHelp Classic and Solo devices. It is designed for active seniors who need protection on-the-go, but who also want an extra layer of protection in the home. Users receive two personal help buttons, both of which are showerproof, waterproof, and may be worn as a pendant or wristband.


The Duo costs $41.95 a month with a monthly plan, including both systems. Customers can save a few dollars per month by selecting one of the other payment options. The quarterly plan costs $39.95 a month, and the semi-annual and annual plans cost $36.95 a month. Fall detection costs an extra $10 a month. All options are considerably less expensive than paying for each device separately, making the duo a great deal.

Mobile Duo

Device Features

The Mobile Due system includes two portable devices and is intended for couples or any pair of seniors who share the same home and are both still active. The system includes two portable devices with a built-in two-way speaker and a personal help button, and two additional wearable help buttons. The wearable help buttons may be worn as a pendant or wristband, and are waterproof and showerproof. When outside of the home, users can keep the portable device in a pocket or purse while wearing their personal help button. In the home, they place the devices in their charging cradles, and they function as base stations. The devices have built-in GPS and cellular service with AT&T’s network and have a battery life of up to 24 hours.


This system costs $44.95 a month with a monthly plan, $42.95 a month with a quarterly plan, $39.95 a month with a semi-annual plan or annual plan. All prices include the cost of both devices.


Device Features

MobileHelp Smart is a smartwatch-style device that looks just like a typical smartwatch. It was developed specifically for MobileHelp by Samsung. The watch has a built-in two-way speaker and there is no additional personal help button that users must wear; they simply wear the watch. The Smart provides emergency monitoring services as well as more typical smartwatch features such as activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, a built-in weather app. However, users cannot send text messages or make phone calls (other than to the emergency monitoring center) through the device. The Smart is both waterproof and showerproof, and its battery lasts up to 48 hours between charges. Fall detection is not available with this device.


All users must first purchase the Smart for a one-time fee of $349.95. The monthly service cost is $24.95, which must be paid for quarterly. There are no monthly, semi-annual, or annual payment options for this device.


Device Features

MobileHelp Touch is a first-of-its-kind device that combines classic emergency medical monitoring with comprehensive health services delivered via a tablet. The system includes a tablet, a waterproof in-home wearable help button, and a portable device. The tablet functions as a base station and may also be used as a medication management and alert system. Other features of the tablet include cognitive games, photo galleries, optional access to Amwell, an on-demand telehealth service. It plugs into a power outlet but has a 12-hour backup battery in the event of a power outage. The mobile device has a battery life of up to 24 hours, and the in-home personal help button does not need to be charged.


MobileHelp Touch is only available for semi-annual or annual payment. The semi-annual plan comes out to $59.45 per month and the annual plan costs $49.95 a month. The cost includes all three system components. Fall detection pendants are available for an additional $10 a month.

ClassicSoloMobileHelp DuoMobile DuoSmartTouch
Monthly Cost$19.95$37.95$41.95$44.95$24.95*$59.45**
One-time Fees$49.95N/AN/AN/A$349.95N/A
Type of DeviceIn-home systemMobile systemIn-home and mobile systemMobileSmartwatch-style deviceIn-home, mobile, and tablet
Battery Life30-hour backup24 hours24 hours; 30-hour backup24 hour48 hours24 hours; 12-hour backup for tablet
Water ResistantYesYesYesYesYesYes***
Range600 feetN/A600 feetN/AN/A150-350 feet
Fall Detection$10 a month$10 a month$10 a month$10 a monthNot Available$10 a month

*3-month minimum payment period
**6-month minimum payment period
***The tablet and portable device are not waterproof

Optional Devices

MobileHelp offers several add-on devices and features that customers may choose to add to their service plans. Optional devices include:

  • Lockboxes: Lockboxes provide an easy way for EMS to enter users’ homes during an emergency. MobileHelp currently provides all customers with a lockbox free of charge.
  • Medication Reminders: Users may program customizable medication reminders for an additional $5 a month (the service is included free with MobileHelp Touch). This feature is particularly useful for seniors with complex medication schedules. Users or their caregivers set the reminders online, and an alert will sound through the in-home base station at the pre-programmed times.
  • Wall-Mounted Buttons: These buttons may be placed anywhere in the home where users would like extra protection. They function as additional personal help buttons. Wall-mounted buttons may be leased from MobileHelp for an additional $2 a month.


MobileHelp works with Rapid Response, a third-party monitoring company, to monitor their devices. Rapid Response is U.S.-based, has monitoring centers located in New York and California, and is a member of The Monitoring Association (TMA). It is also certified by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL). All Rapid Response operators are certified by the Security Industry Association and must undergo 6 weeks of training.