RescueTouch Review

Scott A. Lepper founded RescueTouch in 2014 after working as an EMT in Virginia Beach. His experiences as a first responder influenced many of its features, especially after hearing many complaints about medical bills for automatic emergency calls by other medical alert systems that could have been handled by family members or neighbors. RescueTouch is 100% owned and operated by first responders, EMTs and professionals in the health care industry.

RescueTouch’s entirely mobile system is easy to set up, easy to use, requires no landline or installation and provides around-the-clock professional monitoring. RescueTouch’s family monitoring option allows family, friends and neighbors to respond to nonemergency issues or to determine on-site if emergency services are required.

This guide covers the features of the RescueTouch device, plan options, customer reviews and which seniors would most benefit from this service.

RescueTouch Device Options

RescueTouch only has one mobile device, and the company preprograms it with various options and features depending on the plan chosen. The device operates more like a cell phone, with two-way communication, GPS and cellular service through AT&T’s 4G LTE network. Because the device is wearable and waterproof, seniors can take it with them anywhere, even the shower, without worrying about misplacing it. RescueTouch also has fall detection available, with adjustable sensitivity levels to prevent false alarms.

The range is only limited by cellular coverage, so it’s unlimited in reliable cell service areas. In addition to GPS, the device has the option for geo-fencing, which sends text alerts to designated parties when the device has left a predetermined location. The battery has a five-day life with GPS off and 2.5 days with it on.

The RescueTouch device has an upfront price of $99, with a 30-day full refund and free priority shipping. Because users purchase the device rather than rent it, there is no fear of hidden device replacement costs when services are canceled. Also, because seniors buy a brand new device, there are no issues with substandard or defective used devices.

RescueTouch has no activation fee and features an easy setup process that requires no installation since there’s no base or landline. The device is ready to use after charging and making a test call to the monitoring company.

The two-way communication allows family members to call the device with some plans. There’s also the unique Chit Chat Twin Pack option that includes device-to-device communication.

RescueTouch Plans

RescueTouch stands apart in its unique offering of exclusive family monitoring. With this feature, there’s no direct contact with a call center, but professional monitoring is available as an optional addition. It also lets seniors contact family, friends or neighbors in the event of a fall or emergency. This is ideal for loved ones who live close by and can come to the residence and check to see if the emergency requires first responders or if it’s an issue better handled by a family member.

The two-way communication feature also allows family members to initiate calls to seniors at any time to check in with them. Professionally monitored plans can include family monitoring, so there’s no need to choose one or the other. Professionally monitored plans include 24/7 USA-based monitoring by AvantGuard, which has 40 years of monitoring experience. All plans have monthly, quarterly and yearly payment options, and the company offers AARP, veteran, first responder, nurse and disability discounts. RescueTouch’s plans are in two categories:

Family Monitored Plans

Family Response

Family Response is Rescue Touch’s basic family plan. It includes two-way calling for up to five contacts, GPS and family text alerts.

  • $45 monthly
  • $126 quarterly ($42/month – save 7%)
  • $468 yearly ($39/month – save 14%)

Family Response with Fall Detection

This plan has the same features as the Family Response plan but also includes fall detection.

  • $50 monthly
  • $141 quarterly ($47/month – save 6%)
  • $528 yearly ($44/month – save 12%)

Chit Chat Twin Pack

The Twin Pack includes the same features as the Family Response with Fall Detection plan but includes two devices that can communicate directly with one another.

  • $75 monthly
  • $216 quarterly ($72/month – save 4%)
  • $828 yearly ($69/month – save 8%)

Professionally Monitored Plans

9-1-1 Direct

Professional monitoring all day and night is the prime feature of the 9-1-1 Direct plan. There’s no GPS, fall detection, text alerts or family-initiated calling with this plan. 

  • $40 monthly
  • $111 quarterly ($37/month – save 9%)
  • $408 yearly ($34/month – save 15%)

The Whole Shebang!

As its name implies, this plan includes everything from the Family Response With Fall Detection plan but also adds professional monitoring.

  • $60 monthly
  • $171 quarterly ($57/month – save 5%)
  • $648 yearly ($54/month – save 10%)

Chit Chat Monitored Twin Pack

For those who need two units and also want professional monitoring, this is the best option by RescueTouch. 

  • $85 monthly
  • $246 quarterly ($82/month – save 3%)
  • $948 yearly ($79/month – save 7%)

Extra Services Offered by RescueTouch

The Chit Chat Twin Pack feature is unique in the world of medical alert systems. With this feature, senior couples or roommates can talk to each other directly both in the house and on-the-go. Customers can utilize the Chit Chat option for emergencies but also for nonemergency situations like asking for help to open a window or reaching an upper shelf. Every device has a separate button for the Chit Chat option that becomes active with a Chit Chat plan.

Customer Reviews of RescueTouch

What Customers Like

Customers especially like the many options for monitoring, with one user saying, “The customizable contact list is easy to set up and change,” and another claimed, “I was totally unaware that the technology existed to have my mom’s device call me and speak directly OR call 911.”

Users also appreciate the ease of use, with one family member saying, “The call function through the button is also extremely useful. As my mother’s eyesight started declining, this button was a lifesaver when she needed to call me.”

Customers also liked having the direct calling option when they were unable to reach their loved ones on their cell phones. Many customers gave rave reviews for the company in general for their helpfulness and excellent customer service.

What Customers Don't Like

Some drawbacks to RescueTouch that might be an issue for some customers are:

  • Higher upfront costs
  • Lack of landline option
  • Cellular service may be unreliable in some areas
  • A newer company without as many years of experience as other popular medical alert companies

Who Should Consider RescueTouch

RescueTouch is ideal for seniors who have few major medical problems, are often on-the-go and have family, friends and neighbors close by when needed for nonemergency help at the touch of a button. The Chit Chat Twin Pack is a great option for couples or roommates who live in the home.

RescueTouch is still a great option for home-bound seniors with major medical issues in areas with reliable cellular service. Family members can add 911 to the list of contacts when they prefer immediate response in the event of an emergency or fall. Family can easily update and change the list of contacts as the senior’s needs change without having to change the plan as a whole. This lets a family member or caregiver stay in the senior’s home and be the only contact in the event of a serious illness or recovery from surgery or injury.