RescueTouch Medical Alert Review

Best for New Equipment

RescueTouch was founded by Scott A. Lepper, a volunteer EMT. This industry experience is evident in the company’s unique device offerings, which include both monitored and unmonitored devices and a device that connects directly to 9-1-1. In 2019, RescueTouch merged with NurseAlert, a medical alert system for healthcare providers, to create Florida Health Alert and Smart Home. The company now serves both seniors and the healthcare providers who care for them. Its personal medical alert device is still available for individuals to purchase for themselves or their loved one. 

A unique aspect of RescueTouch’s business model is that all customers purchase their devices, rather than lease them as is common in the industry. By using a purchase model, customers can be assured that they always receive brand new equipment and do not have to worry about devices being outdated or dealing with maintenance issues as a result of damage from the previous user. This can also be great for forgetful seniors who may not remember to return their device after they finish their service, which can result in major fines from some companies.

Who RescueTouch Is Best For

Active Seniors

All of RescueTouch’s devices are mobile- there are no in-home offerings. This gives active seniors their full choice of all six ResueTouch device plans, which is more mobile options than any other medical alert company offers. All devices have an unlimited range, so they provide seniors with protection on-the-go.

Those Looking for an Unmonitored Device

RescueTouch is also one of the only companies to offer unmonitored devices, which connect with a caregiver or family member rather than an emergency monitoring center. These devices are a great option for seniors who want or need to be able to quickly and easily get in touch with their family, a caregiver, or neighbors, but do not have much need for medical monitoring. It is also useful for those who just prefer to contact someone they know during an emergency, rather than do so through an operator.

Nurses and First Responders

RescueTouch was founded by an EMT, and has now merged with NurseAlert to directly serve healthcare providers. Its industry roots are also apparent in the discount it offers for nurses and first responders, making RescueTouch devices more affordable for people in these professions and their families. RescueTouch also offers a discount for AARP members, people with disabilities, and Veterans and their family members.

Device Pricing and Starting Costs

RescueTouch plans range in price from $30 a month for the most basic plan to $75 a month for a monitored twin pack. All devices may be paid for on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. The quarterly plans save users 10% compared to the month-to-month price, and the annual plan saves users 17%. Regardless of which plans users choose, there are no long-term contracts and they may cancel their service at any time without paying a penalty.

RescueTouch offers discounts on all of its devices for AARP members, veterans, nurses, first responders, and those with disabilities.

Starting Costs

RescueTouch requires all users to purchase their device, rather than lease and then ultimately return it, for a one-time fee of $99 for a single device. Twin packs, which include two devices, have a purchase fee of $178. Shipping is included with all plans and there are no additional one-time costs.

Plan Features

All RescueTouch plans use the mobile SOS pendant. The mobile device has a built-in two-way speaker which they can use to call their emergency contacts or the monitoring center or to answer incoming calls from caregivers, family members, and other designated contacts. The device is fully waterproof and shower-safe and has a battery life of 2.5-5 days, depending on whether the user has GPS location tracking turned on. While all users have the exact same device, it is programmed based on the plan which they select.

9-1-1 Direct

Plan Features

This unique plan connects users directly to their local 9-1-1 rather than to an emergency monitoring center. It can save time during a life-threatening medical emergency but eliminates the possibility of using the monitoring service for non-medical emergency situations. As the most basic RescueTouch plan, it lacks certain features like GPS location tracking and two-way communication with friends and family.


The 9-1-1 Direct plan costs $30 a month, making it the least expensive RescueTouch plan. The quarterly and annual payment options are even less expensive at $27 a month and $24 a month, respectively.

Family Response

Plan Features

This is an unmonitored plan, meaning it connects users with pre-programmed contacts such as family members or a caregiver when they press their emergency help button, rather than the monitoring center. Users can select up to 5 people to set as emergency contacts. The same 5 people may also initiate contact with their loved one through the device. Fall detection is not available with this plan.


The Family Response plan costs $35 a month when paid for on a monthly basis, $32 a month when paid for on a quarterly basis, or $29 a month when paid for on an annual basis.

Family Response with Fall Detect

Plan Features

This plan offers all of the same features as the standard Family Response option, plus automatic fall detection. It is still an unmonitored device that connects users to their preferred contacts when they press their help button, or when the fall detection feature senses a fall, rather than directing the calls to an emergency operator.


This plan costs $40 a month including the cost of automatic fall detection. The quarterly plan costs $37 a month, and the annual plan costs $34 a month.

Chit Chat Twin Pack

Plan Features

The Family Response-Chit Chat Twin Pack includes two mobile SOS pendants programmed with Family Response-Fall Caller features. In addition to all of the features as the Fall Caller plan, the two devices in the twin pack can be used as “walkie talkies” to directly communicate with one another. This is a great plan for couples, siblings, or close friends, as it makes it easy to check in on each other.


The Family Response- Chit Chat Twin Pack costs $65 a month, which covers both of the devices. The quarterly plan offers a 5% savings, bringing the monthly cost to $62, and the monthly cost with an annual plan is $59.

"The Whole Shabang"

Plan Features

This plan, referred to as “The Whole Shabang” by RescueTouch, is a monitored device, so users connect with the emergency monitoring center when they press their personal help button. As the name implies, this plan has it all, so it also includes automatic fall detection. Users can still program up to 5 contacts with whom they can connect through their device by pressing a side button rather than the main personal help button. When users do contact the emergency monitoring center, their listed contacts will also automatically receive an SMS message letting them know that their loved one may need assistance.


The “Whole Shabang” costs $50 a month with a monthly plan, $47 a month with a quarterly plan, or $44 a month with an annual plan.

Chit Chat Monitored Twin Pack

Plan Features

This is a twin pack plan, so it includes two devices. Both of the mobile SOS pendants are programmed as EMS Response- Maximum Monitored Callers, so users have access to all of those features. They also can use the two included devices as “walkie-talkies” to easily contact one another.


The EMS-Response- Chit Chat Maximum Monitored Caller Twin Pack costs $75 a month with a monthly plan. The quarterly plan saves users 4% per month, and the annual plan saves 8% per month. The cost includes monitoring service and fall detection for both devices in the twin pack.

9-1-1 DirectFamily Response
Family Response with Fall Detect
“The Whole Shabang”
Chit Chat Twin PackChit Chat Monitored Twin Pack
Monthly Cost$30$35$40$50$65$75
One-time fees$99$99$99$99$178$178
Type of DeviceMobileMobileMobileMobileMobileMobile
Battery Life5 days2.5 days (5 days with GPS off)2.5 days (5 days with GPS off)2.5 days (5 days with GPS off)2.5 days (5 days with GPS off)2.5 days (5 days with GPS off)
Water ResistantYesYesYesYesYesYes

Optional Devices

RescueTouch currently does not offer any add-on devices.


RescueTouch devices are monitored by AvantGuard monitoring, a third-party service with 40 years of experience in the monitoring industry. The centers are located in Washington and Idaho and are fully redundant so they can provide their own power during emergency situations. AvantGuard is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, UL-listed, and TMA 5 Diamond certified.