ResponseLINK Review

ResponseLINK is a mobile medical alert system manufacturer that has been in the industry for more than three decades. It has U.S.-based contact centers with multilingual operators, and the centers are TMA Five Diamond certified.

The combination of rapid response times from the 24-hour contact centers and highly trained operators make ResponseLINK an appealing choice for seniors who are worried about their mobility and want to feel confident that help is always available at a push of a button.

This guide covers the various devices sold by ResponseLINK, the company’s subscription plans and the benefits and downsides of each package to help seniors better understand their options.

ResponseLINK sells three packages:

  • In-Home Classic Medical Alert Monitoring
  • Fall Detection Medical Alert System
  • Mobile Medical Alert System

The most basic in-home package relies on a landline for connectivity. It comes with a wearable medical alert button that users can press to be connected to the contact center.

The fall detection system is the same as the in-home system but also includes an automatic fall detection pendant. This pendant automatically initiates a call to the contact center when it detects the sudden motion of a fall. Seniors who are concerned about falling or have suffered injuries from a fall in the past may find this feature reassuring.

The mobile medical alert package features a wearable with built-in GPS and a battery life of up to two months. The device relies on the T-Mobile cellular network for connectivity. Active seniors may find the mobile package useful as a safety net when they’re running errands, playing golf or are otherwise out and about.

ResponseLINK is one of the most affordably priced medical alert service providers in the United States, with plans starting at $19.95 per month. The company has a simple, clear pricing system and no long-term contracts or cancellation fees.

The Classic medical alert system starts at $19.95 per month. The Fall Detection system is offered at $30.95 per month, and the Mobile system has a monthly fee of $36.95. The company’s 30-day guarantee policy means customers can try the device at home and return it if they’re not satisfied.

The fees listed above are for customers who sign up for annual billing. Those who don’t wish to pay for a year upfront have the option of paying quarterly or monthly, although fees are slightly higher for those payment terms.

ResponseLINK provides basic monitoring services only. It doesn’t offer more sophisticated services, such as a caregiver monitoring app, medication reminders or monitored smoke alarms. This is reflected in the prices ResponseLINK charges for its packages, which are far more affordable than the rates charged by companies that offer high-tech extras.

Customers praise ResponseLINK for the lack of setup fees and other up-front costs, and its transparent pricing. However, the basic nature of the service may limit its appeal, especially with couples and active seniors.

What Customers Like

ResponseLINK is highly regarded for its fair billing, which includes month-to-month contract options. The company offers fall detection, which is a useful feature for active seniors and those at an increased risk of falls.

Customers also appreciate the ease of use of the products. ResponseLINK’s Mobile Alert System has a two-month battery life and a built-in smart self-test feature. This means users can simply carry the alarm around with them and not have to worry about the device failing or running out of a charge. The contact center agents are highly trained, and the centers are TMA Five Diamond certified, giving users confidence that they can depend on a timely and helpful response.

What Customers Don’t Like

The lack of additional features is something that many customers criticize, especially with the higher-priced plans. While the basic plan represents very good value, the higher-tier plans are less attractive when compared with some of the best medical alert system alternatives on the market. Today, stand-alone alert devices are mundane and users expect more from their monitoring solutions, such as better-looking wearables, smartwatches, smartphone apps and caregiver monitoring.

ResponseLINK is a good choice for seniors on a tight budget who want reliable and high-quality monitoring services, but aren’t interested in more sophisticated features. It may also work well for active seniors who aren’t tech-savvy. If someone is looking for a device that works reliably and doesn’t require much maintenance or intervention, the ResponseLINK mobile monitoring product may be the ideal choice.

The lack of extra features can be a drawback for others, though. ResponseLINK fails to offer lockboxes, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms or other tools that vulnerable seniors may find useful as they age in place. However, since there are no up-front or cancellation fees, some seniors may decide to try a ResponseLINK product to see how they feel about remote monitoring, then move on to a cellular medical alert system if they decide they want more bells and whistles with their service.