Best Medical Alert Systems With GPS

Medical alert systems provide an extra layer of security for seniors who want to retain their independence without compromising on safety and security. Also known as personal emergency response systems, some of these devices now come with GPS technology that pinpoints the exact location of the user.

This location tracking feature helps medical alert operators identify where a medical alert subscriber is, and that information can be passed along to first responders in an emergency. GPS tracking can also be used by caregivers to keep an eye on people who are prone to wandering, such as those living with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. Medical alert devices with GPS can even be used to improve the safety of lone workers, commuters and people with cognitive disabilities.

This guide provides an overview of the best personal emergency response systems with GPS location tracking technology.

The Best Medical Alert Systems With GPS

MobileHelp Solo

MobileHelp Solo is a cellular-connected GPS medical alert system that works on the nationwide AT&T network.

This user-friendly personal emergency response system includes a waterproof pendant-style or wrist-mounted panic button that’s safe for use in wet environments, such as the shower. This small wearable button is paired with a wireless transponder that’s about the size of a deck of cards and can be carried in a pocket, purse or on a belt clip.

The waterproof transponder has a cellular transmitter, two-way speakerphone, panic button and a rechargeable built-in battery that lasts up to 24 hours. To call for help, users simply press the panic button on their transponder or activate their pendant button within range of the transponder. A trained medical alert operator will speak to the caller through the speakerphone, and if emergency services are needed, the operator will share the callers’ GPS coordinates with first responders.

MobileHelp Solo users can also upgrade to a MobileHelp Fall Button to add automatic fall detection to their system, making this system ideal for those who want a reliable, all-in-one medical alert solution.

  • Waterproof pendant or wrist-mounted panic button and transponder
  • Automatic fall detection available
  • No landline needed
  • Simple to use
  • Battery in transponder lasts up to 24 hours

Medical Guardian Freedom Guardian

Freedom Guardian is a proprietary cellular-connected medical alert smart watch with GPS from Medical Guardian, an established medical alert company based in Philadelphia, PA.

Available in black or white, the Freedom Guardian offers users a discreet medical alert solution with a number of advanced features. These features include text-to-speech messaging between the user and their care circle, a local weather app and a reminder and alert app that can be programmed through the Medical Guardian online dashboard.

Subscribers can call for help by holding the red help button on the side of the watch or pressing and holding the help icon on the watch face. Once the call is answered, an emergency operator will commence a two-way conversation with the caller through the built-in speakerphone. If the caller needs immediate assistance, the operator can use the GPS tracking feature to let first responders know exactly where the caller is.

The Freedom Guardian is ideal for users who want a discrete, wearable medical alert device with advanced location tracking capabilities.

  • GPS and Wi-Fi location tracking
  • Text-to-speech SMS messaging within care circle
  • Local weather app
  • Calendar app
  • Battery monitor on watch face

MobileHelp Smart

The MobileHelp Smart is another GPS-equipped medical alert smart watch. It’s equipped with a speakerphone to enable two-way conversations with medical alert operators, and it also has a built-in heart rate sensor. MobileHelp comes equipped with the Samsung Health app, which tracks users’ activity levels, as well as a local weather app.

Because the MobileHelp Smart is based on the Samsung Gear S3, a mainstream smart watch, it’s ideal for users looking for a discrete personal emergency response system that doesn’t look like a medical device. The watch works on a nationwide 4G cellular network to provide users with coverage anywhere cellular signals are available.

To call for help users can press and hold the help button located on the size of the bezel or press and hold the large red help button on the touchscreen watch face. Thanks to the GPS location tracking feature, emergency operators can quickly identify the exact location of a caller.

Because the MobileHelp Smart includes a number of features not found on many other medical alert systems, this device is best suited to users who are able to navigate on-screen menus and apps.

  • Water-resistant
  • Integrated heart rate monitor
  • Step counter
  • Local weather app
  • Built-in battery lasts up to 48 hours