Where’s the Best Place to Buy Medical Alert Systems?

Medical alert devices are sold by many manufacturers and the best place to buy a system is usually online, direct from the manufacturer. However, those looking for a simple alert system that doesn’t include monitoring services may find good deals on a device at general retailers, such as Amazon and department stores.

Which retailers sell medical alert systems?

Some major brick-and-mortar retailers such as Costco and Walmart sell medical alert systems. Walmart sells a selection of brands, ranging from simple buttons that link wirelessly to a single monitoring station to more sophisticated devices from LifeGuardian and MobileHelp.

Costco sells Medical Guardian‘s medical alert systems, usually matching the price that the manufacturer offers on their website. Both Costco and Medical Guardian have regular promotions, however, including discounted annual renewals, so it makes sense to compare prices before making a purchase.

Online retailers such as Amazon also sell medical alert systems and have a much wider choice of brands available. It’s wise to research any systems sold on Amazon carefully, especially when considering a budget device because the quality of unbranded products can vary drastically.

Where's the best place to buy medical alert systems?

For most people, the best place to buy a medical alert system is directly from the manufacturer. Consider some of the manufacturers included on our list of the best medical alert systems. Any of the systems on that list would be a good choice for most families.

Before choosing a system, consider the up-front cost, setup fees and monthly subscription costs, as well as any contract commitments, to ensure the system is affordable and meets the user’s needs.

Can you return a medical alert system that was purchased online?

Each online retailer has its own return policy. Be sure to check the terms and conditions before purchasing anything online, especially when ordering from a website for the first time.

Medical alert systems with monitoring often have a setup or installation fee associated with them. The main brands do allow customers to return a product shortly after purchase if they’re not satisfied with it. However, some companies charge a restocking fee or won’t refund the up-front cost, simply releasing the user from any ongoing contract.

Always read the terms before making a decision, and carefully consider whether it’s better to opt for a longer contract at a discounted monthly fee or choose the flexibility of month-to-month billing.