The Best Medical Alert Systems for Veterans

Medical alert systems are a useful tool for any older adult concerned about falling ill or suffering an injury while living alone. These systems provide instant access, 24 hours a day, to a helpline that can give advice or dispatch help to the senior’s property in the event of an emergency. The best medical alert system manufacturers offer discounts or special deals for veterans as a way of thanking them for their service.

Medical alert systems vary from simple help buttons with two-way communication to more sophisticated smartphone-like devices with GPS and cellular communication features. Here, we look at some of the best medical alert devices for veterans, both in terms of value for money and the features offered.

Why Veterans Should Consider a Medical Alert System

Medical alert systems are a good option for any senior who lives alone or with another senior who might struggle to help them in an emergency. These devices give older adults and their families peace of mind and provide an invaluable lifeline and connection to the outside world.

Many seniors have reduced mobility and struggle to navigate stairs or obstacles in their homes. Every year, one in four Americans aged 65 or over fall, and many of those who fall are injured and at increased risk of hypothermia, dehydration and other complications. Seconds count when it comes to getting aid, and medical alert pendants allow seniors to call for help when they need it, instead of having to wait for a caregiver to find out something is wrong.

For the 4.5 million veterans who have a medical condition or injury related to their service, medical alert devices are even more important. Older veterans with limited mobility may find that a medical alert device makes the difference between remaining in their home and retaining their independence or having to move to an assisted living facility.

The Best Medical Alert Systems for Veterans


MobileHelp is a trusted name in the medical alert system space, and the company is committed to helping veterans. All former servicemen and women receive a small discount on their monthly fees and the MobileHelp Connect Premium service at no extra cost. This service is Mobile Help’s device insurance, giving users a free replacement if their alert button or pendant is lost, damaged or stolen.

MobileHelp has a variety of devices to choose from, ranging from simple in-home monitoring systems to on-the-go devices. Its mobile products use AT&T for the cellular connection, which means they should have good coverage in most parts of the United States. The company also has a package for households with two seniors, providing two wearables so both individuals have access to the help center should they ever need it.

Automatic fall detection requires an additional monthly fee. However, this isn’t unusual for medical alert system providers. Even factoring in the additional fee of $10 per month for fall detection, MobileHelp’s pricing is still competitive. The company offers month-to-month billing, so there are no lengthy and expensive contracts to worry about.

Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian offers a discount of $5 per month to members of the Disabled American Veterans association. This discount is more generous than that provided by most rival companies. The company also has a $25 bonus for each person a DAV member refers to the service.

Medical Guardian has a comprehensive range of devices, including in-home monitoring systems, cellular systems and a smartwatch-style device for tech-savvy seniors. The company uses a U.S.-based contact center, so seniors can feel confident they will receive top-quality support. The wide variety of wearables the company offers is a major benefit, especially for seniors who feel that traditional pendants are ugly.

The in-home monitoring systems produced by Medical Guardian have a range of 1,300 feet, more than double the range of some of its rivals. The devices are robust, reliable and easy to use. The one downside of the company’s offerings is that while their basic products are competitively priced, their higher-tier packages cost more than average, even with the DAV discount taken into account


Alert1 is one of the most affordable medical alert system manufacturers on the market, even for those who pay full price. The company offers discounts for veterans, making it a great choice for those on a budget.

The company offers in-home monitoring systems, mobile products and a bundle that includes both an in-home and cellular device. The wearables are waterproof, and the company uses U.S.-based call centers with multilingual agents who provide support in 190 different languages. Automatic fall detection is available on some packages, although not the lowest tiers. There are several plans to choose from, with several billing periods. The plans with long-term contracts have the biggest discounts.

One thing that makes Alert1 stand out from the crowd is the work it does for veterans on low incomes. If a customer cancels their service plan before the contract period is up, Alert1 donates that unused contract time to a veteran in need, giving them free coverage for a while.

Which Medical Alert System Suits You Best?

All of the above medical alert systems are reliable and have the most important features, with special pricing for former service people. Alert1 is a good choice for veterans on a budget, and MobileHelp has a good range of wearables for those who are looking for something a little fancier than a standard pendant. Veterans who are housebound but would like something that allows them to feel safe and connected while in their garden or garage may appreciate the long connection range offered by Mobile Guard’s at-home system.

Check the terms and conditions before choosing a product. Many systems offer a short trial period, so if a product isn’t suitable, it may be possible to return it and try a different device.